College Sports

This may end up being a one-off... 
           or it may turn into something.

Over Labor Day weekend 2021, the good people in the RPI's sports communication department ("RPI" is Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) allowed me to shoot games the second and third games of their women's soccer season (thanks Perry!).  This was kind of a big deal since they were only allowing students (all required to be vax'd) into the facility.  Parents and non-RPI folks were relegated to the hill above East Campus Stadium.  There were conditions of course.  I'm vaccinated, I had to wear a mask while I was on the field, maintain distancing, I couldn't enter the facility buildings, I had to enter through a specific gate, basically just reasonable stuff. 

It was also a big deal  for me personally because I was able to see my daughter Sierra play college ball for the first time.  Cool right?  The fact that I was able to shoot the games, just like I've been doing for years, was perfect.  So, long story short, the Engineers tied and won Sat-Sun, and I got to see it up close, through a lens, like I'm used to.

Enjoy the highlights below.

Tim TS

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