a little about me...

My Work

I picked up a camera when my daughter, about 5 at the time, started playing soccer. I did it to to keep myself quiet. To not be a "little league parent". And it worked. I found I liked the creative outlet photography provided to my real-life/day job (as an air quality scientist). My daughter kept playing, and I kept shooting.

At some point, I decided to merge this interest in photography with one of my personal sporting passions, cycling. I started shooting cyclocross races. They're gritty, fast in some places, slow in others, always passionate, and the CX community is super friendly and supportive. When my daughter started playing soccer in middle and high school, I asked the AD's for access to the sidelines and kept shooting. Then I thought why stop at soccer? Why not try football? and lacrosse? Then coaches invited me to other sports, so I kept going.

This is still a fresh project for me, I'll add more photos, try more sports in the next few months. Thanks for visiting!


Father, Husband, Brother, Son.

Sometimes a Student, sometimes a Teacher, always trying to observe and learn.

To varying degrees and intensities depending on the season: Photographer; Cyclist; Triathlete; Traveler; Dark beer enthusiast (IPA's not so much); Big fan of dogs (cats not so much)

Always Coffee dependent.

Always trying to keep my sarcastic nature in check.

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