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I primarily shoot sports - school and club.  For many years it was just soccer and cyclocross, but I've branched out adding lacrosse, football, baseball, and the occasional road race or triathlon to the mix.  Starting mid-August, I will be shooting the Fall sports teams at Green Level High School.  I intend on shooting at least two galleries for all teams in all sports, both JV and Varsity.  Obviously weather and the specter of future covid-restrictions could change things, but right now, that's the plan.

Recent games are displayed in the first navigation collection below. They're small highlight galleries from the game. If you're interested  in seeing  the 'full' galleries, or want to purchase  images, follow the link in that gallery to my store.


So Covid slowed down progress on this site.  In North Carolina, high school sports came to a grinding halt around the second week of March-2020.  Partial seasons began in Dec'20/Jan'21, but spectating was highly limited.  March 2021, saw some spectators allowed into their teams' home games, and by May most contests had at least modest crowds on both the home and away sidelines.  

All of which was good for the athletes who were able to salvage some sort of a season.  The "pandemic seasons" did however put a damper on what I was able to shoot, and rightly so, my efforts to capture the games are, let's face it, not necessary to the contest.  So while I did eventually start racking up a bunch of games/matches, I put updating this site on hold. 

I haven't changed that picture on the right... I still don't shoot me, shooting pictures.

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High School, Fall 2021

Volleyball, Cross Country, Gymnastics, W.Tennis, W.Golf, Cheer, and Dance galleries and links will be posted as images and schedules become available.   _ Tim TS

Highlight galleries from Football, Cyclocross, Soccer and Lacrosse the past few years

The non-sporting side of life...

A couple of highlight galleries away from the "sidelines".  Sometimes just getting away, sometimes a side trip between sidelines.

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